20 December 2016
The projects will be on property, power, markets, knowledge in Indonesia, and about language: meaning, time, language development and African drum language.
Bas van Bavel - The Invisible Hand?
1 August 2016
The end of the Western market economy is approaching, states economic historian Bas van Bavel.
Bas van Bavel - The Invisible Hand?
4 July 2016
In his new book, Bas van Bavel presents a historical investigation into the rise and fall of market economies.
29 June 2016
In the prelude to the public KNAW symposium, several newspapers interviewed Tine De Moor on the chances and challenges of Citizen Science-projects.
Jan Luiten van Zanden en Bas van Bavel
27 June 2016
Both economic historians have been invited to join the Academia Europaea.



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