Economic and Social History Seminar
Seminar dr. James A. Robinson. Photographer: Bas van Hattum
ESH Seminar with James Robinson (1 September 2014)

The Economic and Social History research group of Utrecht University annually organises two series of seminars, one in spring and one in fall. Papers on a range of different topics related to economic and social history, from antiquity to recent times, are presented by scholars from within and outside the Netherlands.

All seminars start at 12.00 and will continue until 13.00. The programme of the most recent seminar series can be found below, previous presentations can be found in the archive.


Please send an e-mail to Matthew Hannaford,  if you would like to attend one of the seminars. 

Kostadis Papaioannou (University of Lund)

1 March 2018
Stijlkamer, Janskerkhof 13

The horns of a dilemma in colonial policies: rice, rubber and living standards in the Malay Peninsula

Mikolaj Szoltysek (Marie-Curie Fellow, Institute of History, University of Warsaw)

8 March 2018
Stijlkamer, Janskerkhof 13

Historical family and European developmental outcomes: unravelling the relationship with new data (with R. Poniat)


Josje Schnitzeler (UU)

22 March 2018
Stijlkamer, Janskerkhof 13

Orphans and their money in times of urban growth and migration: explaining the orphan chambers of Holland, Zeeland and Utrecht

Jan de Vries (University of California, Berkeley)

12 April 2018
Stijlkamer, Janskerkhof 13

Abolishing regulation; unleashing economic growth! Bread prices and the Dutch economy, 1806-1890

Bruno Witzel (University of Gӧttingen)

19 April 2018
Ravensteynzaal, Kromme Nieuwegracht 80

An episode in the era of mass migration: German-speakers and the transition from slavery in Sao Paulo, Brazil (1830-1880)

Wouter Ryckbosch (VU Brussel), Sam Geens (Antwerp University)

26 April 2018
Stijlkamer, Janskerkhof 13

Social mobility in 14th century Ghent: in search of the social impact of the Black Death

Craig Muldrew (Cambridge University)

3 May 2018
Stijlkamer, Janskerkhof 13

Title to be announced

Heli Huhtamaa (UU)

17 May 2018
Ravensteynzaal, Kromme Nieuwegracht 80

Unequal socio-economic consequences of climatic shocks in 17th century western Finland

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