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Economic and Social History Seminar

Seminar dr. James A. Robinson. Photographer: Bas van Hattum
ESH Seminar with James Robinson (1 September 2014)

The Economic and Social History research group of Utrecht University annually organises two series of seminars, one in spring and one in fall. Papers on a range of different topics related to economic and social history, from antiquity to recent times, are presented by scholars from within and outside the Netherlands.

The seminars are held in-person in the city centre of Utrecht on Thursdays at 12 noon CEST.

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ESH Seminar events 2024

Thursday 15 February

Pierre-Yves Donzé (Osaka University), Japanese trading companies and the development of healthcare business in Asia, 1970-2020.

Venue: Drift 21, 0.05 (Sweelinckzaal)

Thursday 29 February

Claire Lemercier (Sciences Po), From Numbers to Boundaries, from Boundaries to Numbers: Apprentices in Eighteenth and Nineteenth-Century France.

Venue: KNG 80, 1.06

Thursday 14 March

Maïka de Keyzer (KU Leuven), Does industriousness do the trick? Welfare levels in peasant and market economies (1670-1790)

Venue: KNG 80, 1.06

Thursday 28 March

Anne Winter (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), Survival and adaptation: Household strategies of rural linen workers in the wake of the 1840s subsistence crises in Flanders

Venue: Drift 21, 0.05 (Sweelinckzaal)

Thursday 11 April

Elise Dermineur (Stockholm University), Networks of Solidarity in Preindustrial Europe

Venue: KNG 80, 1.06

Wednesday 17 April

Mara Squicciarini (Bocconi), Dealing with Adversity: Religiosity or Science? Evidence from the Great Influenza Pandemic

Venue: KNG 80, 1.06

Monday 13 May

Quamrul Ashraf (Williams), Structural Change, Elite Capitalism, and the Emergence of Labor Emancipation

Venue: tbd

Thursday 30 May

Raphael Adès (Oxford), The perpetrators and circumstances of crime in early modern England

Venue: KNG 80, 1.06

Thursday 6 June

Francesca Trivellato (Institute for Advanced Study), Title to be announced

Venue: KNG 80, 1.06

Thursday 20 June

Leander Heldring (Northwestern), Title to be announced

Venue:  KNG 80, 1.06

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