Human-Centred AI for mobility

Research will focus on human-centred AI to (1) support existing NS customers in making next-best actions and (2) regain customers by giving them tailored travel inspiration. The following topics are investigated:

  • Personalized communication: Transparent, adaptive, interactive customer-AI communication, which allows customers to take control of and, consequently, influence their experience positively. AI-induced communication of when, what, and how to provide information is central.
  • Context modelling: External influences can significantly influence the travel experience and preferences (e.g., concerts and soccer games, weather, and luggage). AI-induced, personalized context models steer when, what, and how these influences are taken into account.


Anouk van Kasteren, Marloes Vredenborg

Academic supervisors

Judith Masthoff, Christine Bauer, Egon van den Broek

Grant funding agency and (co-)funding non-academic partners