PLanning sUStainable publIC Transport (PLUS ICT)

Public transport is an important service that provides mobility to a society. To make public transport more affordable, clean and widespread, we need to design our transport systems in an efficient manner. We are focusing our work on these challenges by designing and testing new algorithms and approaches for planning electric busses and the associated duties. Next to looking into improvements for solving these individual problems, we also look at integrating these problems and solving the technical challenges that arise from this combination. For all these problems we work closely together with QBUZZ and use their data, scenarios and expertise to design and verify the usability of our algorithms.

Project leader

Jan Posthoorn Msc, PhD student

Academic supervisors

dr. J.A. Hoogeveen, dr. ir. M. van den Akker, dr. M.E. van Kooten Niekerk

Grant funding agency and (co-)funding non-academic partners