The Medieval Chronicle 15: Essays in Honour of Erik Kooper

Erik Kooper, Martine Meuwese et al.

Omslag 'The Medieval Chronicle 15: Essays in Honour of Erik Kooper'

A Festschrift of The Medieval Chronicle series published by Brill was recently published, with essays dedicated to Erik Kooper. Before his retirement, Kooper, who specialised in medieval literature, was a lecturer in the English programme at Utrecht University.

Medieval chronicles

The study of medieval chronicles is firmly established as a focus of research in the whole range of disciplines comprising Medieval Studies: literature, history, art history, linguistics, book history, digital humanities, and so forth. Each article in this volume dedicated to Erik Kooper presents a case study, balancing the particulars of the chosen materials with more generalised conclusions about their significance.

Dr. Erik Kooper
Dr Erik Kooper

The resulting collection is an anthology of different approaches in Medieval Chronicle Studies, presenting a rich overview of the geographical, linguistic, chronological, and methodological diversity of chronicle research as it has developed in no small part thanks to Erik’s rallying.

Besides Utrecht University lecturer and researcher Martine Meuwese, contributors include Marie Bláhová, Cristian Bratu, Beth Bryan, Godfried Croenen, Peter Damian-Grint, Kelly DeVries, Isabel Barros Dias, Graeme Dunphy, Márta Font, Chris Given-Wilson, Ryszard Grzesik, Isabelle Guyot-Bachy, Letty Ten Harkel, Michael Hicks, David Hook, Sjoerd Levelt, Julia Marvin, Charles Melville, Firuza Abdullaeva, Sarah Peverley, Jaclyn Rajsic, Lisa Ruch, Françoise Le Saux, Carol Sweetenham, Grischa Vercamer, Alison Williams Lewin, and Jürgen Wolf.