Special Issue 'Postcolonial Intellectual Engagements: Critics, Artists and Activists'

Postcolonial Studies

In a special issue of the journal Postcolonial Studies, Professor of Media, Gender and Postcolonial Studies Prof. Dr Sandra Ponzanesi, Professor of Media and Cultural Studies Prof. Dr Rosi Braidotti and researcher affiliated with Utrecht University Adriano José Habed contributed to the topic "Postcolonial Intellectual Engagements: Critics, Artists and Activists."

The aim of this special issue is to gauge the impact of postcolonial intellectuals in contemporary Europe from a comparative and multidisciplinary perspective. 
This is achieved by challenging the divide between public and private, inclusion and exclusion, and citizens and migrants, thereby creating counterpublics where sexual, ethnic, religious and other minorities stake their claims and play out their actions. For this purpose, the special issue will not review the standard figures in the postcolonial debate but focus on the ways in which intellectual labour is performed by critics as well as by artists, activists and writers, in order to recognize the impact of ‘intellectual engagements’ in the public sphere in their less visible and recognized manifestations as well.