Histories of Conservation and Art History in Modern Europe

Sven Dupré and Jenny Boulboullé

Cover van het boek 'Histories of Conservation and Art History in Modern Europe'

'Histories of Conservation and Art History in Modern Europe' traces the development of scientific conservation and technical art history, with Professor of the History of Art, Science and Technology Sven Dupré and researcher Jenny Boulboullé as editors.

The book takes as its starting point the final years of the nineteenth century, which saw the establishment of the first museum laboratory in Berlin, and ground-breaking international conferences on art history and conservation held in pre-World War I Germany. It follows the history of conservation and art history until the 1940s when, from the ruins of World War II, new institutions such as the Istituto Centrale del Restauro emerged, which would shape the post-war art and conservation world.

The publication will be of interest to scholars working in art history, conservation history, historiography, and history of science and humanities.

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