Artificial Intelligence and International Conflict in Cyberspace

Fabio Cristiano et al.

Omslag van het boek Artificial Intelligence and International Conflict in Cyberspace (2023)

Assistant Professor in Conflict Studies Fabio Cristiano has co-edited the newly published volume Artificial Intelligence and International Conflict in Cyberspace. In the book, which is available in open access, authors explore how artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming international conflict in cyberspace.


Over the past three decades, cyberspace developed into a crucial frontier and issue of international conflict. However, scholarly work on the relationship between AI and conflict in cyberspace has been produced along somewhat rigid disciplinary boundaries and an even more rigid sociotechnical divide – wherein technical and social scholarship are seldomly brought into a conversation.

Edited by Cristiano, Professor Dennis Broeders (Leiden University), Assistant Professor François Delerue (IE University), Professor Frédérick Douzet (University of Paris), and Post-doctoral Fellow Aude Géry (GEODE), this is the first volume to address these themes through a comprehensive and cross-disciplinary approach.

With the intent of exploring the question ‘what is at stake with the use of automation in international conflict in cyberspace through AI?’, the chapters in the volume focus on three broad themes, namely: (1) technical and operational, (2) strategic and geopolitical and (3) normative and legal.