Afectos y violencias en la cultura latinoamericana

Reindert Dhondt et al.

Omslag van het boek ‘Afectos y Violencias en la Cultura Latinoamericana’ van onder andere Reijndert Dhondt

Edited by associate professor of Spanish literature Reindert Dhondt, associate professor Culture studies Silvana Mandolessi (KU Leuven) and writer and independent researcher Martín Zícari, 'Afectos y violencias en la cultura latinoamericana' was recently published. This is the first publication to systematically analyse the relationship between different forms of violence and affect in Latin American culture.

The affective turn 

The volume offers an overview of the impact of the so-called 'affective turn' in the subcontinent and questions the specificity of theorising around 'affect' in Latin America.

Latin Americanists from eight different countries offer an interdisciplinary perspective on a wide range of cultural expressions, including literature, film, photography, performance and art installations. 

Affectivity and violence 

The authors consider the concept of violence in its many forms and guises, from symbolic and institutionalised violence to explicit ultra-violence, and from partner to drug violence.

The political power of so-called 'ugly feelings' (negative feelings that do not allow catharsis, such as fear or paranoia) in the contemporary novel, the power of the plastic arts to mobilise spectators and the induction of a sense of unease in contemporary cinema, are just some of the interactions between affectivity and violence that the book explores.

Open access 

Thanks to the support of the Institute for Cultural Inquiry (ICON) and the Open Access Fund of Utrecht University Library, the integral volume has been made available as an open access publication.