In 2013, the advisory report for a national DNA bank for purebred dogs was published (pdf) [only available in Dutch]. Based on this report, the Raad van Beheer op Kynologisch gebied in Nederland (Dutch Kennel Club) set up a DNA bank for purebred dogs in 2015.

In 2014, the Expertise Centre published a report on a pilot study of a new measurement system of the incidence of diseases in dogs and cats (pdf) [only available in Dutch]. If diseases have a higher incidence in purebreds than in mix breeds, then this is an indication of a genetic cause. The pilot study has been elaborated and resulted in an article in a well-known epidemiological journal: Keijser et al., 'Disease burden in four populations of dog and cat breeds compared tomixed-breed dogs and European shorthair cats', Preventive Veterinary Medicine 140 (2017) 38–44 (pdf, 0,3 MB).

This measurement system was then automated at the request of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, in order to facilitate large-scale national registration of diseases and conditions in dogs and cats via Internet. The report was published in late 2017: PETscan: Development and implementation of a quantitative measurement system of health and welfare in companion animal populations. Genetic diseases and harmful breed characteristics in 38 dog breeds and 2 cat breeds in the Netherlands (pdf) [only available in Dutch].

Overview of genetic research and supervision programmes for genetic diseases at the Department of Clinical Health of Companion Animals/ECGG (pdf) [only available in Dutch].