PETscan is the latest measurement system for diseases in dogs and cats in the Netherlands. It allows us to measure the frequency of diseases in different breeds and to compare it to the frequency of the diseases in cross-breeds. This provides us with the first good insight into the incidence of diseases in companion animals in the Netherlands and serves as the foundation for the creation of an effective programme for combatting heritable diseases and harmful breed characteristics. The new system also offers other benefits for veterinarians. It is fast and easy to use, and gives added value to veterinary practices. Plus, participation in PETscan is free of charge.

Client information
We receive the patient information without the owner’s personal information, in order to fully guarantee their privacy. It is of course vital that clients are informed of a veterinary practice’s participation in PETscan, so the participating practices all receive a poster and brochures with information for the clients to be placed in the waiting room. Extra copies can be ordered easily via e-mail.