Improve local capacity

Experiences in the field of vaccines has shown that empowering  manufacturers in LMICs to manufacture locally can lead to considerable price reductions and increased access to medicines. However, industrial development alone is not sufficient to ensure that local production is beneficial with regard to improving access to medicines. The success of technology transfer depends on a multitude of factors, including product factors, regulatory expertise at LMICS and the ability to generate profit for local manufacturers. In addition to the existence of expertise at the manufacturer and regulatory authorities, it is inherent that coherence across international science, investment and intellectual property policies plays an important role in the viability of local production.1 As a not-for profit organisation UCAB is uniquely positioned to operate at various levels to facilitate the success of locally produced biotherapeutics.

1. World Health Organisation. (2011) Local Production for Access to Medical Products: Developing a Framework to Improve Public Health. Available from: [Accessed 22 Jan 2013]