What UCAB does

UCAB is the point of access for the development and technology transfer of biotherapeutic products. We coordinate the development of biotherapeutics in collaboration with our partners. UCAB seeks to identify gaps in the development of biotherapeutics in LMICs in order to select projects that are relevant from a public health perspective, for example by focussing on the development of biotherapeutics listed on the Essential Medicines List (EML) or the Tropical Neglected Disease portfolio of the World Health Organization.

UCAB performs in-depth analyses in order to illuminate which barriers or obstacles hamper access to biotherapeutic products in LMICs. The outcomes of these analyses are translated into a strategic plan of action to improve access to the product. An example of such a strategy is facilitating biosimilar production through technology transfer to local manufacturers in LMICs and promoting manufacturing against the lowest sustainable price. Another example is by pursuing specific regulatory pathways tailored to promoting equitable access to biotherapeutics in LMICs. UCAB possesses the expertise to translate a regulatory strategy into a concrete strategic development plan. After selecting a biotherapeutic for development, UCAB acts as a network and knowledge partner in order to unite stakeholders and facilitate the development.