Our team

Board of the Foundation

Han van den Bosch | Chairman
Han van den Bosch, MSc, PhD, is professor at the Athena Institute of the VU University in Amsterdam focussing on internal public health and the pharmaceutical industry. His professional career involved both academic positions at various institutes, as well as executive R&D management positions in various pharmaceutical and vaccine companies. 

Aukje Mantel-Teeuwisse | Secretary
Aukje Mantel, MSc, PhD, is professor at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Utrecht University. Her research interests include global health, pharmaceutical policy analysis, drug regulatory science, and variation in medicines use across countries. She published > 110 articles in peer-reviewed journals on these topics. In addition, Aukje acts as Managing Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Pharmaceutical Policy and Regulation.

Leo Schreuders | Treasurer 
Leo Schreuders, MBA, is a former Lecturer Postgraduate School of Accountancy: Accounting Information Systems, Control & Audit. Leo is involved in PUM Netherlands as Expert Control & Audit and acts as CFO of the Heart Clinic Almere.

André Broekmans | Vice Chairman
André Broekmans MSc, PhD, is the former Executive Director of the Dutch regulatory agency, the Dutch Medicines Evaluation Board (CBG) and has extensive experience in regulatory affairs and regulatory policy in senior management positions at various pharmaceutical companies. 


Managing Director

Netty Dorrestijn | Managing Director
Netty Dorrestijn MSc, PhD, holds PhD in biomedical sciences and works on the cutting edge of clinical research and business. Defining the right strategy, in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, to answer each research question is one of the professional focus points, in addition to founding and managing research departments. The social relevance of the research topic is an important driving force for Netty. 



Tom Jacobs | Project Officer
Tom Jacobs MSc, graduated in Pharmacy at Utrecht University. Tom has a broad interest in topics related to infectious diseases, access to medicines, and global health. He is also affiliated with the WHO Collaborating Centre for Pharmaceutical Policy and Regulation.

UCAB acts as a network organization, working with various renowned external parties with relevant expertise tailored to UCAB projects.