Real estate strategy

The university is working to provide housing and campuses that are functional and future-oriented, and that encourage contact, community forming and multidisciplinary collaboration. The university’s real estate strategy sets frameworks and guidelines that our housing should meet.


Building the campus of the future together


Strategy recalibrates every two years

The real estate strategy is refined and recalibrated every two years. Recalibration is needed in order to adjust the real estate strategy to our organisation’s needs and to adapt to developments in the areas of research, education and how we work together.

Focus on interaction and multidisciplinary collaboration

Utrecht University will focus on two main areas for research and education: Utrecht City Centre and the Utrecht Science Park. Strategic and functional frameworks for our real estate strategy are:


  • There is enough housing for everyone.
  • Our housing and campus support interactions and contact, the formation of a close community and multidisciplinary collaboration. 
  • Buildings are safe and comply with legislation and regulations.
  • Our buildings, energy and spatial development are sustainable, flexible and future-proof.
  • Our total housing costs may not exceed 15% of the university’s total revenue.