Visitors and guests can park in the Utrecht Science Park (USP) at various car parks for a fee. The most frequently asked questions have been answered below.

Wheelchair-friendly parking spaces are also available in the USP. These parking spaces can be found on this map and on the building pages. Visitors and guests wishing to park in the city centre can find information about parking spaces on the website of the Municipality of Utrecht.

Where can I park at the USP?

P2 - Münsterlaan / Yalelaan  Exclusively for visitors and employees Alexander Numan Building and LSI
P3 - Bolognalaan  Exclusively for visitors and employees of Hogeschool Utrecht
P4 - SorbonnelaanXX 
P5 - LeuvenlaanXX 
P6 - PadualaanXXNumber of parking spaces temporarily halved
P7 - JenalaanXX 
P8 - CambridgelaanXX 
P9 - PrincetonlaanXX 
P10 - P-OlymposXX 
P11 - YalelaanXX 
P12 - Paard  Exclusively for visitors and/or patient owners University Equine Clinic
P13 - Gezelschapsdieren  For visitors and/or patient owners at University Clinic for Companion Animals only
P14 - LandbouwhuisdierenXX 
P15 - Genevelaan  Only for service vehicles and suppliers surrounding buildings
P16 - Münsterlaan  Exclusively for employees University Clinic for Companion Animals
P17 - Limalaan  Exclusively for visitors and employees Androclus building and Nieuw Gildestein
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Frequently asked questions

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