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Google Air View auto
Wednesday 15 May 2019
Utrecht University is collaborating with Google and the municipality of Amsterdam to map the air quality in the city at street level.
Wednesday 15 May 2019
On 27 April, the International Society for Extracellular Vesicles (ISEV) presented the ‘Special Achievement Award’ to Marca Wauben
basisschoolleerling met erlenmeyer
Tuesday 9 April 2019
Young girls visited the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine during Girlsday.
Wednesday 3 April 2019
Dr. Jan van der Valk has won the Björn Ekwall Memorial Foundation Award 2019.
Saturday 30 March 2019
Examination of 139 common guillemots revealed that all of the animals were extremely emaciated and malnourished.