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Wednesday 8 August 2018
The whales became stranded across five countries over a period of six weeks in early 2016.
Wednesday 4 July 2018
The 3Rs-Centre Utrecht Life Sciences has developed an E-learning module on humane endpoints in animal research and veterinary practice.
Monday 2 July 2018
iGEM is a student competition in synthetic biology, where students compete to build a synthetic biological system that can serve humanity in a useful way.
Onderzoeker toont gekweekt weefsel in pincet.
Monday 2 July 2018
University Medical Center Utrecht and Utrecht University are teaming up to launch a COFUND programme called RESCUE.
Monday 25 June 2018
The previous 8 editions of VetEd were organised in the UK or Dublin, but this year the Netherlands will have the honour of hosting the 9th edition.