News Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Thursday 14 July 2016
On 4 and 5 November 2016 an equine arthroscopy course will be organized for veterinarians/residents.
Tuesday 12 July 2016
Prof. Jaap Wagenaar receives ICAAC Program Committee Award for his presentation during the ASM Microbe 2016 about reduction of antimicrobial use.
Thursday 7 July 2016
COPD-patiënts living close to livestock farms had more complications. A high concentration of ammonia in the air resulted in a reduced lung function.
Monday 20 June 2016
VAC2VAC is a research project which aims to develop and validate quality testing approaches for both human and veterinary vaccines.
Friday 10 June 2016
The 3Rs-Centre Utrecht Life Sciences has released the German translation of the Humane Endpoints website today.