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rotte appels
Wednesday 7 December 2016
According to psychologists, misconduct by bank traders could persist as a problem if fraud cases are treated as the actions of an individual ‘bad apple’.
vrije kleurlingen
Monday 28 November 2016
PhD-thesis: One of the most neglected subjects of slavery is the role played by free non-whites. Once they were free, they bought freedom for their family.
Tuesday 15 November 2016
Meike Slagt studies how sensitive children are to their upbringing: a what works well for one child, does not work at all for another. How can we explain this?
Marcel van den Hout
Monday 31 October 2016
Professor Dr Marcel van den Hout has been elected best promoter of the Netherlands.
VR bril
Monday 10 October 2016
Changing the body image by using a virtual reality headset is one of the challenges that experimental psychologist Anouk Keizer has set herself.