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Uitkomsten van het spel 'Battle of the Sexes' in een netwerk
Wednesday 13 December 2017
Sociologists and theoretical physicists have shown how different social network structures have different effects on overcoming conflicts of interest
Cover Tussen je oren
Thursday 7 December 2017
Madelijn Strick, assistant professor in psychology and UYA-member, wrote a childrens book introducing the science of psychology to children and their parents.
Sita ter Haar
Tuesday 21 November 2017
Dr Sita ter Haar studies the behaviour and brain development of zebra finches. She wants to help children with speech problems with that.
Zebravink zit op een takje.
Tuesday 14 November 2017
Johan Bolhuis: "There are some very interesting similarities between the way songbirds learn to sing and the way children learn to talk."
Monday 13 November 2017
The statistician is one of the ten new members. He wants to specialise himself within the Academy on the concept of 'uncertainty'.