News Faculty of Science

André Mischke
Thursday 19 February 2015
NWO has awarded subatomic physicist Dr. André Mischke a Vici grant of 1.5 million Euros
Deepa Thomas
Wednesday 18 February 2015
Deepa Thomas, who earned her PhD. last year under the supervision of Prof. Thomas Peitzmann and Dr. André Mischke, has won the 2014 ALICE Thesis Award
Jan Raaijmakers
Thursday 12 February 2015
Minister of Economic Affairs Henk Kamp has named Prof. Jan Raaijmakers as the official figurehead for the top sector Life Sciences and Health
Jos van Rijssel
Wednesday 11 February 2015
Jos van Rijssel was presented with the LUM Young Scientist Award 2015 for his innovative application of an industrial colloidal stability analyzer
Johan Jeuring
Thursday 29 January 2015
A ‘serious game’ developed at Utrecht University helps health care professionals communicate more effectively with people suffering from complex health problems