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Judith Leyster, Zelfportret achter ezel, ca. 1633. Bron: Wikimedia Commons
Friday 12 February 2016
NWO awards 3.6 million euros to the project ‘Golden Agents: Creative Industries and the Making of the Dutch Golden Age’.
Berend Snel
Friday 12 February 2016
Snel wants to determine whether there is a system behind the phenomenon of similar genes fulfilling different functions in different organisms.
Sjors Martens
Thursday 28 January 2016
The ten interdisciplinary teams that received a seed money grant within the focus area Game Research presented themselves on 21 January.
Wednesday 27 January 2016
To launch their more intensive collaboration, Utrecht University, NIOZ and NWO have ‘cast off’ and are steaming ahead together.
Marijn van Huis
Wednesday 27 January 2016
Two million Euros for being the first to produce live atomic-level resolution images of how nanomaterials are formed in a solution.