If you are looking here, you are probably looking for inspiration, to develop your skills and knowledge, or have questions about the relationship between your study program and the professional field of arts and culture or the creative industries.

Are you looking for more information for a paper, thesis, or internship? Would you like to know more about creative methods? Or maybe you want to orient yourself to working in the arts and culture sector after your studies? 
Here are some useful links (some to Dutch pages), but please contact us with your specific question. We can help you!

Meet the Makers

Every academic year, with the program Meet the Makers we host a series of meetings with makers, artists, designers, dramaturgs and curators about their making practices. 

Meet the Makers - Transmission In Motion

Courses, Labs, Workshops with a creative component

If you want to take a course in which you make, produce or develop something yoursel, or where you come into very direct contact with the professional field of arts and culture, the following courses may be of interest to you: 
Tip: if you are looking for an elective course that uses creative methods, select 'Creative' in the Course Planner.  

Community Art
The City as Stage
Computergames in Context

Student Associations in Arts and Culture

The study associations of the BA Media and Culture, BA Musicology and BA Art History programs organize various activities related to arts and culture (visiting performances and exhibitions, attending TV recordings, etc.) and job market orientation. 

AKT (Media & Culture)
Hucbald (Musicology)
Stichting ART (Art History)