CHA is not just a portal for external professionals seeking contact with researchers related to their work in the cultural and creative sector. As a researcher, you may also be looking for ways to further develop your scholarly work from a close relationship with the cultural field.

Maybe you want to spar with colleagues and other researchers or educators about collaborating or teaching in transdisciplinary or interdisciplinary contexts. Or you would like to hear more about opportunities and experiences in developing and delivering education for professionals - specifically for the cultural field and the creative industries.  

Through CHA you can get in touch with external partners, as well as with other researchers and colleagues who are also interested in the creative humanities or working with and for the cultural sector. You can come to us with proposals and requests for peer exchange or consultation - think brownbag lunches, guest speakers, seminars, or other activities. In addition, you can make your own expertise known through our network in various ways.  

For information and inspiration, take a look at our offerings and portfolio, but especially contact us directly to express your interest. You can also talk to us about what your questions or ideas are.