7 October 2019
In this collection of essays, we advance the notion of urban interfaces to explore how situated media constitute the public spaces of our mediatized cities.
11 September 2019
Rutger Claassen and Judith van Erp will publish their essay collection 'Entrepreneurship in the open society' in the month of September.
Prof. dr. Nick Couldry
28 June 2019
On 12 June the Datafied Society and the Centre for Humanities hosted the lecture 'The Emerging Social Order of Data Colonialism'.
Vlag Universiteit Utrecht
27 May 2019
De Universiteit Utrecht heeft vier zogeheten focusgebieden aangewezen waarin in totaal €1,6 miljoen wordt geïnvesteerd.
Prof. dr. José van Dijck. Foto: Ed van Rijswijk
20 May 2019
On 24 May 2019 Prof. José van Dijck will receive an honorary doctorate from the University of Lund.
Artist Impression of TAOXICHUAN China Arts and Sciences.
2 May 2019
Rick Dolphijn has been selected as a member to the International Advisory Board of the "Taoxichuan China Arts and Sciences" Contemporary Arts Centre.
Dr. Evelyn Wan
25 April 2019
Evelyn Wan receives a Research Prize from the Praemium Erasmianum Foundation for her dissertation 'Clocked! Time and Biopower in the Age of Algorithms'.
5 April 2019
The Trump government only wants to make it possible for military personnel to present themselves as their biological sex.
11 March 2019
This month Lorella Viola's book 'Migration and Media: Discourses about identities in crisis' was published by John Benjamins.
27 February 2019
Five out of six ICON research groups scored ‘very good’ on research quality. The quality of the Gender Studies group was even rated ‘excellent’.



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