NWO Impact Explorer grant for research on teaching in the digitising classroom

Dr. Niels Kerssens. Foto: Ed van Rijswijk
Dr Niels Kerssens. Photo: Ed van Rijswijk

Niels Kerssens has been awarded a grant from the Dutch Research Council (NWO) in the Impact Explorer grant programme. In his project Reinforcing Teacher Autonomy in Digital Classrooms, Kerssens explores how to strengthen the professional autonomy of teachers in the increasingly digital primary education.

Critical digital literacy

“Thanks to this grant, I can take an important first step in developing critical digital teacher literacies education (CDTLE) at Dutch teacher training colleges, together with IPABO and Marnix Academy,” Kerssens says. According to him, this education is of great importance to support the professional autonomy of (prospective) teachers. “They are professionals who, in the increasingly digital classroom, must be able to deal responsibly with, for example, an increasing flow of digital learning tools with AI. Such tools will put increasing pressure on their space.”

The project has three main objectives: 1) promoting the urgency and relevance of CDTLE among public stakeholders; 2) retrieving insights on the contents and sustainable embedding of CDTLE; and 3) exploring a division of roles and responsibilities between stakeholders in the future development and implementation of CDTLE.