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7 September 2015
How might we reinvent the humanities? This is the central question in Conflicting Humanities by Rosi Braidotti and Paul Gilroy.
Carlos Fuentes - Wikimedia Commons/Abderrahman Bouirabdane
7 May 2015
Reindert Dhondt wrote the first systematic study on the Mexican author Carlos Fuentes (1928-2012) as a follower of the baroque.
26 March 2015
This volume brings together a team of leading scholars to explore and compare linguistic practices of young people in multilingual urban space.
20 February 2015
In the 7-volume synthesis Syntax of Dutch, two new volumes have been published on verbs and verb phrases. Norbert Corver is one of the authors.
17 February 2015
For the European LUCIDE project, Jacomine Nortier and Ivana Brasileiro researched multilingualism in Utrecht.
What was before - Kari Driscoll (vertaald)
15 December 2014
Martin Mosebach’s novel Was davor geschah (2010) has been translated as What Was Before by Dr Kári Driscoll, lecturer in Comparative Literature.
8 December 2014
Dr Susanne Knittel explores how certain memories become inscribed into the heritage of a country or region while others are suppressed or forgotten.
Pronunciation Matters - Rias van den Doel and Laura Rupp
29 October 2014
In this book, Rias van den Doel and Laura Rupp bring together essays about the most recent research on pronunciation issues.
9 September 2014
This volume offers both detailed accounts of the cults of individual writers and a comparative perspective on the spread of centenary fever across Europe.
4 September 2014
In this book, the authors demonstrate how religious communities mistrusted each other, while also borrowing each other’s imageries and texts.
28 August 2014
In his new book Penance in Medieval Europe, 600-1200, Dr. Rob Meens sets the rituals of penance and confession in their social and historical contexts.
29 July 2014
Prof. Thijs Pollmann, professor emeritus of Linguistics at Utrecht University, worked on the translation since his retirement in 2004.
24 May 2014
In this book, De Cauwer argues that the Austrian author Musil can be regarded as one of the most original and hard-hitting cultural critics of his time.
30 April 2014
The brains of both speakers and listeners take language predictability into account, a team of neuroscientists has found.
Europas Dichter und der Erste Weltkrieg. Auteur: Geert Buelens
10 April 2014
In this book, Buelens demonstrates that poets were engaging with the battlefields of WWI with weapons as well as words.
The Routledge Handbook of Stylistics. Edited by Michael Burke
25 February 2014
This book in stylistics offers historical perspectives, theory, analysis, recommendations for practice and future research topics.
Journal of Literary Semantics
28 January 2014
The Journal of Literary Semantics has recently published a special issue on the topic of ‘Explorations in Cognitive Literary Science’.
Pedlars and the Popular Press - Jeroen Salman
6 November 2013
This book offers a new perspective on the role of the pedlars as an intermediary between established booksellers and a socially diverse reading public.
 	Birdsong, Speech, and Language – Exploring the Evolution of Mind and Brain - M. Everaert en J. Bolhuis)
19 August 2013
In this book, leading scholars draw on the latest research to explore what birdsong can tell us about the biology of human speech and language.
Von Eisbergen und ihren Spitzen. Spuren eines wissenschaftlichen Werdegangs
13 June 2013
On the occassion of Herrlitz' 70th birthday, the book 'Von Eisbergen und ihren Spitzen. Spuren eines wissenschaftlichen Werdegangs' was published.