Selected papers on James Joyce: a long the krommerun

Dr Onno Kosters (Translation Studies, Utrecht University), Prof. Dr Tim Conley (Brock University), and Prof. Dr Peter de Voogd (Literature, Utrecht University) present a new book on James Joyce: a long the krommerun: Selected papers from the Utrecht James Joyce Symposium.

The book offers a selection of the best papers delivered at the XXIV International James Joyce Symposium hosted by Utrecht University from 15 to 20 June 2014. The essays offer fresh insights into Joyce and the De Stijl aesthetic movement which originated in the Netherlands, as well as into Joyce’s (language) politics, his use of multilingualism and dialects, and - by way of close readings and genetic approaches of Finnegans Wake - the intricate ways in which Joyce communicates with his readers. 

Contributors: Boriana A. Alexandrova, Stephanie Boland, Austin Briggs, Tim Conley, Catherine Flynn, Philip Keel Geheber, Robbert-Jan Henkes, Maria Kager, Katherine O’Callaghan, So Onose, David Pascoe, Sam Slote, David Spurr, and Dirk Van Hulle.


  • Title: a long the krommerun: Selected papers from the Utrecht James Joyce Symposium (2016)
  • Editors: Onno Kosters, Tim Conley, Peter de Voogd
  • Publisher: Brill | Rodopi
  • ISBN: 9789004314450