27 October 2017

Books in Motion in Early Modern Europe

Books in Motion in Early Modern Europe. Beyond Production, Circulation and Consumption demonstrates how the concepts of materiality, sociality and spatiality might contribute to a better understanding of the history of the book in early modern Europe. Co-edited by Dr Jeroen Salman (Early Modern Literature).

Foundations of book history

The book features contributions from prominent book historians as well as up-and-coming scholars, and makes an important contribution to ongoing discussion about the theoretical and methodological foundations of the field of book history. It offers a coherent volume of thirteen chapters in the field of early modern book history covering a wide range of topics.

This book contributes significantly to a spatial turn in the history of the book. Its contributors identify innovative means of combining the study of the life-cycle of books with their mode and compass of transmission. The collection notably extends our understanding of the social history of knowledge.
James Raven, Professor of Modern History
University of Essex, UK


The book will be of interest to scholars and students in the field of early modern book history as well as in a range of other disciplines. It offers book historians an innovative methodological approach on the life cycle of books in and outside Europe. Books in Motion is also highly relevant for social-economic and cultural historians because of the focus on the commercial, legal, spatial, material and social aspects of book culture. Scholars that are interested in the history of science, ideas and news will find several chapters dedicated to the production, circulation and consumption of knowledge and news media.