12 May 2017

Stylistics: Critical Concepts in Linguistics

Prof. dr. Michael Burke
Prof. Michael Burke

Edited by Prof. Michael Burke (Professor of Rhetoric and Honours Dean at Utrecht University) the four volume collection Stylistics: Critical Concepts in Linguistics will showcase the main developments and major achievements in stylistic scholarship.

Stylistics is a multidisciplinary and stimulating field of scientific enquiry with an increasingly significant impact on society, especially in cognitive, civic and pedagogical domains. Included in this overview of the main developments in the field are the most important works that have been at the forefront of stylistic scholarship in the past forty years, and the debates and controversies that have taken place. Also included are key texts on methodology and on models of interpretation that have been developed and will show how stylistics has been both effected by linguistic, philosophical and psychological theories and how it, in turn, has influenced them.