Utrecht Science Park area development

A future-proof and attractive campus for sharing knowledge and where people meet. That is what Utrecht University is working towards in 2040.

The campus will be an inspiring environment where people work on solutions for a longer and healthier life. The video below explains in less than two minutes how the university will do this.

More green, less grey

By allowing cars to park on the edge of the USP, there will be fewer roads and parking spaces. This provides space for more greenery, with walking and cycling paths running through it. These connect the buildings. The green environment also invites to exercise, meet and relax outdoors. The green areas on and around the USP will be connected. For instance, through ecologically managed verges and the planting of rows of trees and hedges. This enhances biodiversity. Moreover, this will make the area more resistant to the changing climate, as more greenery provides cooling in hot summers and the soil absorbs water better during heavy rainfall.

Circular ambition

When designing the campus, the use of new raw materials is limited and reusable, bio-based materials are applied. This reduces the burden on the environment.

More housing and liveliness

Building new housing will create more support for facilities. This makes the USP more lively. Together with the green surroundings, this makes the campus a place you want to be. Combined with developing future-proof buildings making the energy supply more sustainable, we make the USP ready for the future.

Kaart van het Utrecht Science Park met de ontwikkelrichtingen en -mogelijkheden.

Nine ambitions for USP development

The university has set nine ambitions for the development of the USP. Based on these ambitions, UU is working to realise a future-proof and attractive campus. The Future-proof area ambition document explains the measures Utrecht University intends to use to achieve these ambitions for the area development. Among other things, the document builds on the Utrecht Science Park Environmental Vision (2022), which was drawn up together with the municipality of Utrecht, the UMC and the Utrecht Science Park Foundation.