Utrecht University real estate ambition

Utrecht University is investing in the housing of the future. Meeting and interdisciplinary cooperation are becoming increasingly important. Ambitions in the areas of education, research, organisation and sustainability require adjustments to our housing: Campus Development.


The real estate ambitions are closely linked to Utrecht University's sustainability ambitions. The goals are divided into three categories: future-proof buildings, area plans and energy. Read more about these three themes below.

Every two years an update

Every two years we review the housing plan to keep up with current situations and evolving insights. This makes the strategic management and development of housing a permanent pillar in Utrecht University's strategy and plans.

Utrecht University is working on housing and campuses that are functional and future-oriented. By doing so, we encourage multidisciplinary cooperation, community building and encounters. Our housing ambitions relate to both education and research and to the university as an organisation and its surroundings.