26 April 2018

UCU Alumna Iris Otto wins Breaking Science 2018

Iris Otto wins Breaking Science 2018

Scientist Iris Otto has won the annual pitch competition Breaking Science of Utrecht University. On Monday 23rd April, the PhD student of the UMC Utrecht best explained her research to the layman.

Currently Iris is doing a PhD in Regenerative Medicine, project title: "3D-EAR: bioprinting of auricular cartilage". At UCU, Iris majored in biomedical sciences with a focus on pre-medical courses, as well as biotechnology and cognitive neuroscience. Her minor was in psychology and psychopathology. She studied at Macquarie University in Sydney (Australia) for a semester, where she took courses in medical anthropology and did an internship at the Marine Mammal Research Group. She participated in the UCU East Africa program, doing her internship at MPIDO (Nairobi, Kenya), for which she returned research data on health, education and women empowerment to local communities. After UCU, Otto enrolled in the SUMMA medical master program, and the Young Leaders League program.

The contestants of Breaking Science were asked to explain their research and passion for science to a lay audience... in just three minutes. No PowerPoint slides were allowed, however props were allowed so long they could be carried on stage by the participant.

Our congratulations to Iris for this achievement, and the best wishes for the continuation of her research.