24 April 2018

Iris Otto wins Breaking Science 2018

Iris Otto
Iris Otto. Picture: Thijs Rooimans

Scientist Iris Otto has won the annual pitch competition Breaking Science of Utrecht University. On Monday 23rd April, the PhD student of the UMC Utrecht best explained her research to the layman.

The contestants of Breaking Science were asked to explain their research and passion for science to a lay audience... in just three minutes. No PowerPoint slides were allowed, however props were allowed so long they could be carried on stage by the participant.

The past few weeks family, friends, colleagues and visitors of Café Hofman already got a glimpse of the fascinating world of our scientists. In total 21 scientists participated in Breaking Science and took the stage. The jury, which consisted of a science journalist and a scientist, judged the pitches based on three criteria: content, clarity and charisma.

During the final the jury selected, by unanimous vote, Iris Otto as the winner of Breaking Science. She presented her research on the 3D bioprinting of a human ear, for children born with a so-called 'peanut-ear' (microtia), in a natural and impressive way. Iris won € 1500, - which she can spend on a conference or summer school of her choice.