Tjeerd Bouma appointed professor of biogeomorphological ecology of estuaries, deltas and coasts

Tjeerd Bouma
Prof. dr. Tjeerd Bouma

NIOZ researcher Tjeerd Bouma has been appointed part-time professor of biogeomorphological ecology of estuaries, deltas and coasts at Utrecht University’s Faculty of Geosciences. This appointment continues the structural partnership between the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ) and the University.

To drown or not to drown? On the role of ecology in the future of coastal & delta landscapes

Worldwide, coasts and deltas are undergoing major changes due to a combination of rising sea levels, subsidence, climate change, human activity and an ever-growing population. Since these factors increase the risk of catastrophic floods, new and often natural ways of keeping the land safe and prosperous are being sought. At the same time, valuable natural areas along coastlines and deltas must be preserved and restored in order to improve environmental conditions.

With his chair, Tjeerd Bouma is investigating the role of ecology in the realisation of the safe, natural and sustainably thriving coastal and delta landscapes of the future, with the aim of gaining fundamental knowledge that can be used by both industry and nature conservationists. To achieve this, he is using a mix of ecological, hydrodynamic and biogeomorphological experimental lab work and fieldwork. The research contributes to the University’s Pathways to Sustainability strategic theme as well as the Future Deltas focus area.

In addition to his work at Utrecht University, Bouma will continue to work as a researcher at NIOZ, lecturer at Zeeland University of Applied Sciences and honorary professor at the University of Groningen (until 2024).

Bouma will give his inaugural speech on Wednesday 20 November 2019 at 4.15 pm in Utrecht.