Text search and exploration tool I-Analyzer now open source

Research Software Lab promotes FAIR software

I-Analyzer, the user friendly text and data mining tool developed and maintained by the CDH Research Software Lab (RSLab), is now open source. By making the source code freely available, RSLab has significantly progressed in their commitment to promoting FAIR principles.

CDH Research Software Lab

In March 2023, the CDH Research Software Lab of Utrecht University received two FAIR Research IT Innovation Grants from the Fair Research IT project at Utrecht University, as well as a grant from the Utrecht Open Science Fund. Since then, the RSLab has been working diligently to enhance the FAIRness of all their tools, services, and infrastructure for researchers and teachers. The aim is to soon open up the majority of their remaining 75 private software repositories with minimal or no restrictions.

As of now, the source code of the RSLab flagship application I-Analyzer is accessible on the I-Analyzer GitHub, with a permissive MIT license, allowing the code to be reused in other projects. The software itself is free to use through the I-Analyzer website.

Exploring text with I-Analyzer

Workshop Text Mining with I-Analyzer

With I-Analyzer, users can easily perform searches within extensive text corpora, and download text and metadata for further analysis. Whether you are new to text and data mining or an experienced user, I-Analyzer‚Äôs user-friendly interface caters to both needs. Additionally, the I-Analyzer provides simple visualizations of the search results, including a word frequency generator and bar graphs. For further analysis, you can download your search results.

More open-source corpora are continuously being added to I-Analyzer. Recently, the Dutch Parliamentary Speeches from 1815 to 2022 were added, making this valuable resource accessible for anyone.