Research grants for sustainable water management and mobility in low-income countries

Researchers at Utrecht University have been allocated two of the eight NWO-WOTRO Joint SDG grants. Dr Walter Immerzeel is working in collaboration with Wageningen University & Research and will receive one million euros for his research into sustainable water management in the Indus Valley. Dr Ajay Bailey has received half a million euros for his research into affordable and safe mobility in India and Bangladesh.

Rapid population growth in Asia makes habitable regions susceptible to global climate change.

With the Joint SDG research programme, NWO-WOTRO Science for Global Development and a number of Dutch research organisations fund research on behalf of the most vulnerable people in low and middle-income countries. Dutch and local researchers collaborate with various knowledge institutions, authorities, NGOs and private partners to ensure that the knowledge is used effectively. Furthermore, it is important that the projects lead to tangible results.

Sustainable water management in the Indus Valley

Dr Walter Immerzeel is collaborating with Prof Fulco Ludwig of Wageningen University & Research on a scientific knowledge base for sustainable water management in the Indus Valley in Pakistan. This valley is very susceptible to global climate change due to rapid population growth and the associated demand for water and energy. With the SustaIndus project the researchers aim to support policy makers as they develop science-based, climate-friendly solutions for supplying food, water and energy to all the people in the Indus basin.

Affordable and safe mobility in India and Bangladesh

With the project ‘Inclusive Cities through Equitable access to Urban Mobility Infrastructures for India and Bangladesh’, Ajay Bailey from International Development Studies wants to develop evidence-based insights to provide affordable, safe, and accessible urban mobility for marginalised groups in India and Bangladesh.