Publications by UU authors automatically made open access from now on

Short works of science by Utrecht University researchers will automatically be published open access in the Utrecht University Repository. This regulation came into effect at the beginning of this year.

This means for UU researchers that their closed access publications will automatically be made open access available in the Utrecht University Repository six months after publication. This applies to new publications, but also to publications retroactively, including publication years 2015 and up. An amendment to the Dutch copyright law (article 25fa) makes it possible to make short scientific work (journal articles, conference proceedings, publications in journals for professionals and book chapters from edited volumes) open access available after a reasonable period of time following the first publication.


Since 2020 researchers have been able to make use of the so-called Taverne Amendment by telling the library they wanted to participate. Starting on 1 January 2024 this will be done automatically by the library. This is part of the open access policy of Utrecht University. However, it is possible to exclude a certain work or all the work from the scheme by means of an opt-out.

Open access publishing is a spearhead of Utrecht University. Research should be available to other researchers as widely as possible, but also available to society. After all, a lot of research is funded by public means. By automatically publishing work open access, more scientific knowledge is made available.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Publishing Support team of the library via You can also view the Frequently asked questions.