Project proposals The New Utrecht School honoured

arts en patient in gesprek

The New Utrecht School (DNUS) has successfully submitted a project to the Social Innovation Programme of the UMC Utrecht. Together with students, DNUS will work on a culture of inclusion and cooperation, with room for uncertainty, at the UMC. 

The project builds on two student-initiated projects. The first sub-project makes the inescapable vulnerability in the health care organisation of the UMC Utrecht open for discussion through lecture series by managers and a special edition of the Journal of Trial & Error about uncertainty and failure.


The New Connection

The second subproject, 'The New Connection', aims to develop an interprofessional and accredited course for nurses and medical specialists (in training). The course is about meaningful encounters in which every person counts. The basis of this course is a series of workshops, in cooperation with the Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU), in which the various dimensions of meaningful communication were explored under the guidance of artists and healthcare professionals.

Learning organisation 

Through the series of lectures, UMC Utrecht shows itself to be a learning organisation in which there is room for failure and uncertainty. And by developing the interprofessional workshop into a more widely applicable accredited course, UMC Utrecht is working on a culture of inclusion and cooperation. 

Want to know more? 

More information about the Journal of Trial & Error and the workshop series The New Connection, two student initiatives, can be found on the website of The New Utrecht School. For any questions about this project or the subprojects, please contact Stefan Gaillard.