Postdoctoral fellowships awarded

Two IMAU researchers have been awarded Postdoctoral fellowships. Siren Rühs received the prestigious Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Fellowship, and Sven Baars received the Netherlands eScience Fellowship.

Siren Rühs

Dr. Siren Rühs

The European Research Council has awarded Siren Rühs a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Fellowship. In this prestigious two-year Fellowship, Siren aims to unravel how projections for the ocean overturning strength –and future climate as a whole– depend on the simulated heat and salt transports in the South Atlantic Ocean. This is important because changes in the ocean overturning strength represent a key uncertainty for future climate projections. Siren will apply advanced virtual particle tracking methods to state-of-the-art climate models to elucidate the processes that determine the mean heat and salt transport in the South Atlantic Ocean and their changes under anthropogenic climate change. She will particularly focus on the role played by the exchange of heat and salt between the Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic Oceans, as there is increasing evidence for their importance, but insufficient knowledge on their representation in climate models.

Sven Baars

Dr. Sven Baars

The Netherlands eScience Center has awarded Sven Baars with an eScience Fellowship. The eScience Fellowship Programme is aimed at members of the academic research community who are passionate to act as ambassadors for the use of research software. The research software that is used in the Oceans & Climate group at IMAU mostly consists of complex climate models. During the coming year, Sven will work in collaboration with the Netherlands eScience Center on making one of these climate models more accessible for researchers with limited programming experience, and will give a workshop at the end on how to do the same with other models.