New team lead for the Research Engineers

From March 1st onwards, Roel Brouwer will be the new team lead for the research engineers. He will take over the tasks of Martine de Vos. She will start her new role as ‘kwartiermaker’ for the local Digital Competence Centre (DCC).

Roel: “I am really looking forward to start in this new position. I have been part of the Research Engineering team from the beginning, and have worked with Martine for the past couple of years. Now I get the opportunity to take over her role. I will be coordinating the work for the Research Engineering team and I will be the first point of contact for everyone outside the team, both within and outside Utrecht University.”

What will be Martines next step? "I will be ‘kwartiermaker’ of the local DCC at Utrecht University. NWO encourages Dutch universities to set up local Digital Competence Centres. Local DCCs provide knowledge and support on data, software, and infrastructure for scientific research.

Our local DCC consists of a network of separate units, like the University Library, ITS, Faculties, RDM Support and others. My task is to explore how we can strengthen collaboration and coherence within this network. This will give more clarity to both researchers, ourselves and national partners."

In the coming year we will update you about the local DCC. Do you want to know more about the work our Research Engineers do? Here you can find more information.