New name for Digital Humanities Lab: Research Software Lab

From 1 May 2023 onwards, the Digital Humanities Lab, part of the Centre for Digital Humanities, will continue under the name: Research Software Lab.

Why ‘Research Software Lab’?

The reason for the new name is to provide more clarity about the various parts that fall under the Centre for Digital Humanities (CDH) of Utrecht University. The CDH is growing, with the result that several new parts have been added in which the term ‘digital humanities’ appears. As a result, people sometimes have doubts about where they can best go with their questions. The new name ‘Research Software Lab’ better describes what happens in the lab.

A unique feature in the Netherlands

The Centre for Digital Humanities in Utrecht is one of the few DH centers in the Netherlands that has its own Research Software Lab, in which a permanent team of developers continuously builds innovative tailored tools for research and education within the Faculty of Humanities. View the portfolio of the Research Software Lab here. In addition to developing software, the developers provide advice on ICT solutions for specific research or educational issues. They do this, among other things, during the weekly Digital Humanities Walk-in Hours.

In line with the Utrecht University brand architecture, the Research Software Lab will use its new name and logo on new expressions from 1 May 2023.

The old website of the Digital Humanities Lab will disappear soon. Instead, the Research Software Lab will be given a prominent place on the website of the Centre for Digital Humanities.