New multidisciplinary and international Bachelor's degree programme to decipher the molecular processes of life

Utrecht University is starting a new Bachelor's degree programme: Molecular and Biophysical Life Sciences (MBLS). The programme combines a broad range of disciplines within the exact sciences and is offered entirely in English. Enrolment opened for students from the Netherlands and abroad earlier this year, and the first cohort will begin in September 2021. 

Full spectrum of Life Sciences

MBLS students will learn how to decipher the processes of life at the molecular and cellular levels, using fundamental principles and research techniques from Chemistry, Biology, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Physics. During their studies, the students will become familiar with the full spectrum of modern Life Sciences research.

Integrating perspectives

Utrecht University has embraced multidisciplinary research and education because within the Life Sciences there is an increasing need to understand processes from a variety of perspectives. Integrating perspectives is essential for applications of scientific research, such as the development of new therapies and vaccines, but also for finding answers to fundamental questions, such as how molecular processes shape the function of our brain.

Prepared for the future

The programme’s international aspects will prepare its students well for the future. With English as the language of instruction, and the international classroom with students from around the world, it will be easier for graduates to proceed to an English-language Master’s and to build a career in the international job market.