Navigation strategy for debate on the digital future

Digitale toekomst

Commissioned by the Temporary Committee on the Digital Future of the House of Representatives, Utrecht University has investigated the possibilities of the House of Representatives to gain insight into its role and strengthen its knowledge position. A research team led by Albert Meijer, associated with the Department of Administrative and Organizational Science (USBO), has conducted three case studies: on the Cluster Economics, the Automatic License plate recognition (ANPR) and on 5G.

The researchers concluded that the speed and interwovenness of technological and social changes in this field sometimes make it difficult for the House of Representatives to identify relevant social values in good time. The House seems to be 'manoeuvring through unknown territory' and does not seem to base its choices on systematic reflection. They therefore advise developing a joint 'navigation strategy' to improve this knowledge position, so that the debate can take place in a more informed manner and thus strengthen the role of the House of Representatives as a whole. 

Project Leader