Maximum number of free OA articles at Springer has been reached

Dutch universities, university medical centres and KNAW institutes have an agreement with publisher Springer that a certain number of open access articles can be published free of charge. There is a maximum number of articles that can be published in this way. This national maximum of 2067 has been reached. 

What are the consequences?

If your manuscript is accepted for publication between now and 1 January 2024, Springer still offers the possibility to publish it open access, but the costs are no longer covered by the consortium agreement. If you opt for open access for a fee, you will receive the invoice yourself. 

What can you do?

Do you want to share your article open access in a Springer journal and do you expect the acceptance of your manuscript between November and December? Then we advise you to look for other financing options. You can also use the green open access route via Taverne, where the article will be available in the UU repository 6 months after publication.

If you haven't submitted your manuscript yet, consider waiting until 2024, when there may be a new agreement with Springer. You can also choose a journal from another publisher. 

Please contact the library if you have any questions.