Learn more outside your comfortzone

Inaugural lecture Veronique Schutjens

Photo: Femke van den Heuvel

On 25 October 2023, Prof. Veronique Schutjens will give an inaugural lecture, entitled "Meer leren buiten je comfortzone" ("Learn more outside your comfortzone"). Schutjens is Professor in Experiential Education in Geography with the Department of Human Geography and Spatial Planing, Faculty of Geosciences.

Cheerfully leave your comfort zone

prof. Veronique Schutjens

Human geographer Schutjens holds a diverse and extensive range of tasks. For example, one day a week she chairs the research domain Youth Education & Life Skills in the university strategic theme Dynamics of Youth. She also works as a Principal Fellow at the Centre for Academic Teaching and Learning. In addition, she is chair of the Board of Examiners and active in projects of the University and Faculty Education Fund. She also teaches in the Master's programme in Human Geography and the Bachelor's programme in Human Geography and Spatial Planning.

As head of the 'Experiential Education in Geography' chair, Schutjens will set up and promote research projects on student self-regulation and, more specifically, learning from (outdoor) experiences in Geosciences. "In particular, I focus with on 'distant learning spaces' (such as fieldwork, excursion, exchange programs) and on 'expert learning spaces' (such as internships, the field, society). I also want to inspire and support lecturers faculty-wide to investigate the learning processes in these 'outdoor' learning environments, understand the mechanisms behind them, develop interventions, and adapt support accordingly (scaffolding). My aim is to increase the learning effect for students in this way."


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