Introducing the speakers of the UCERF conference 2021


The UCERF conference will take place on March 25, 2021. This annual symposium at Utrecht University, about current developments in family law, is ideally suited for professionals working within (the practice of) family law. We hereby introduce to you the speakers of the UCERF conference 2021:

  • Renée Römkens is endowed professor specializing in gender-based violence at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) at the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences. She mainly conducts research into developments in the regulation of gender-based violence and in the social debate.
  • Ian Sumner is Professor of Family Law and Private International Law at Tilburg University. His research focuses on various topics, in particular private international law and maintenance law in an international context. He is also the owner of Furthermore Legal Services. 
  • Thomas Subelack is a partner at Banning advocaten: he is active in the field of relationship property and inheritance law, especially the settlement of communities, prenuptial agreements and cohabitation contracts. Thomas also heads the Cassation Section and the Scientific Bureau together with Marc Janssen. 
  • Leon Verstappen is professor of private law, in particular notarial law, at the University of Groningen. His expertise lies mainly in the field of family property law, inheritance law, corporate law and real estate law and legislation surrounding the notary. He and his research group are currently working on a study commissioned by the WODC about alimony. 
  • Charlotte Mol has been a PhD candidate at UCERF within the Molengraaff Institute for Private Law since September 2017. Her research focuses on children's rights in the field of participation in family law cases. Dutch law is critically reviewed on the basis of a comparison of the CRC and the ECHR. 
  • Naema Tahir has been affiliated with UCERF since this year. She wrote a dissertation on arranged marriage. She herself refused an arranged marriage, but because of the thesis she now looks at the subject differently and believes that it should not be judged so quickly. She is also an author at Prometheus Publishers. 

We hopen to see you there, be it in Utrecht, or online.