1 March 2019

Horizon2020 GRACE Conference: Gender and Cultures of (In)Equality in Europe

On 7-9 march the Horizon2020 GRACE Conference: Gender and Cultures of (In)Equality in Europe: visions, poetics, strategies will take place.

In the largest cross-European collaboration of its kind, involving 10 institutions, the University Utrecht Graduate Gender Programme among them, 15 early stage researchers and a wider group of 100 scholars based in over 10 countries, the Horizon2020 Marie Curie GRACE Project has for the past three years systematically investigated what ‘equality’ means in the European context today.


The event celebrates the achievements of the project’s work and provides opportunities to explore the themes of the GRACE research through a range of activities, including a series of public talks by GRACE researchers and other distinguished international scholars; the launch of the GRACE feminist smartphone app Quotidian; the opening of the GRACE exhibition 'Footnotes on Equality'; the presentation of project films; a special screening of Goya award winning film maker Isabel de Ocampo’s new film 'You Will Be A Man', introduced by the director herself; and a performance by Beatrice Allegranti Dance Theatre: 'I’ve Lost You Only To Discover That I Have Gone Missing'.