Faculty’s New Years Event and winners Societal Impact Award

“Don't worry, be happy”, alumna Sonja Agata Biscan (Public International Law) sang to us from her home country of Croatia at the faculty's online New Year's meeting. Dean Janneke Plantenga also spoke encouraging words to us all, in this extended second lockdown. She and none of us could have imagined that the “university with the beating heart” message from her speech last year had to be so strongly put into practice during the corona crisis. And we’re still going to have to take extra care of each other in the coming months. Dean Plantenga also looked ahead to the Lustrum celebration of 385 years of Utrecht University this spring, to which our faculty contributes by organising a floating, sustainable art work, just like our beloved Skyscraper whale.

Winner of the Societal Impact Award

After that, it was time for the presentation of the annual Social Impact Award. The jury had members from the three LEG-disciplines, namely prof. Elisabetta Manunza (Law), dr Hein Roelfsema (Economics), and prof. Maarten van Bottenburg (Governance). In addition, one member was a representative of one of our key partners, Tony Chocolonely, namely Henk Veldman. Rebecca van Musscher and Rosa Massop were secretaries to the jury and Mirko Noordegraaf was chair.

Student Category

The nominees in the student category were:

  • Javina Bijl for her volunteer work for stichting Werken aan de Toekomst (Working on the Future)

  • Kinan Alajak of the The Refugee Wellbeing and Integration initiative

  • Myra Bledoeg for Natte Voeten, ‘Wet Feet’

  • Lars Molenaar and Cornelis den Hartog of Goin’ (welcoming international students)

And the Winner is...
The winner was Myra Bledoeg for her project “Natte Voeten (Wet Feet). The jury said: “Although this great project had to be cancelled on the day of the 1st Covid-19-press conference, March 12, this is and remains a great project. It visualizes the effects of climate change, also literally, by projecting rising water levels on the Academy building. This was linked to the REBO Impact night (which also had to be cancelled), but was organized by UVSV, in relation to societal partners. Hopefully it can be realized this year. For now, congratulations! “

Staff Category

In the category staff, the nominees were:

  • “Laageletterdheid (literacy) with Marie-Jeanne Schiffelers and Scott Douglas

  • RechtOp, a project in which students are helped with assignments and guest lessons are given on issues concerning the Law. Led by Manon Julicher, Melanie van Zanten and Claire Loven

  • "Re-imagining Sex Work" & Exposition "United Under a Red Umbrella", an exhibition and meeting held last year, organized by Elena Krsmanovic and Brenda Oude Breuil

And the Winner is...

The winner was Laaggeletterdheid/Low literacy. The jury said it “was impressed by its stress upon a more hidden societal problem, its ways of working, its new developed instruments, its scale, its many partners, and its strong combination of consultancy, research, education, and impact. Congratulations!”

As a festive bonus to the faculty’s New Year's meeting, an online pub quiz was held with 13 teams of maximum 5 colleagues, competing for the honour and the main prize. Team “We are LEGends” became the winner with members Willem Janssen, Viktorija Morozovaite, Laura Lalikova and Jasper Sluijs. Congratulations!