Eva Knies joins core team of Future of Work

Professor Eva Knies

Eva Knies, professor of strategic human resource management, has joined the core team of the Future of Wok hub, part of the strategic theme Institutions for Open Societies at Utrecht University. In the hub, scientists, together with partners in society, research the future of work from different disciplines and angles. The core team leads the hub's research, handles incoming assignments and also initiates its own new studies.

Together with professors Joop Schippers, Tanja van der Lippe, Maarten Goos, Maria Peeters and Future of Work hub manager Thomas Martens, Professor Eva Knies is now one of the driving forces behind the hub. The core team welcomes her expertise in the field of human resources as a valuable addition to the insights from economics, sociology, technology and psychology that are present at the hub.

I look forward to studying current and relevant issues concerning the future of work, together with colleagues from other disciplines.

Eva Kies
Eva Knies
Hoogleraar Strategisch Human Resource Management, Univesiteit Utrecht

Even more so during the current COVID-19 pandemic, the nature of work and the state of the economy is constantly changing. In addition to innovation, digitisation and globalisation, a new challenge has been added. The research in the Future of Work hub therefore remains highly topical and urgent.